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the Machine Shop Experience.

Explore a refreshingly different take on machining services... Blah Blah Blah

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machined castings

(A Casting)

machining forgings

(A Forging)

We specialize in machining shapes such as castings and forgings - it is a core competency.

We have unique experience spanning decades and the capability leveraging technology to provide value added contract manufacturing or job shop service for customers. 

We have an obsession with customer focus.

Let's face it, most machine shops, 93% of them, suck at communicating, are not consistent, don't have resources to collaborate, and provide erratic experiences.

Our 5C approach aims to redefine it to deliver a total customer experience that is frictionless.

machining sourcing team.jpg

(Note: These are guys dancing to represent happy sourcing or engineering teams who partnered with us.)

machine shop customer service.jpg
machine shop customer service.jpg

(Disclaimer: This guy doesn't actually work for us but he is demonstrating how we use tech and do cool stuff for customers.)

Our systems and approach are lean and technology driven. We promise.

Real lean progress is tough in small, job shop environments - a lot claim to be all about it, but few are, literally 1 out of 33.

And most small shops in the U.S., about 9,216 of them, don't leverage advanced technology at all.

Our playbook and systems are designed to streamline and keep improving the customer experience. 

Some Testimonials From Happy Clients

"They delivered where others didn't. We had an extremely challenging aluminum machined casting project and they were able to engineer a process for us and deliver on time."

- Dennis A., Lead Project Engineer

"Awesome communication! They always get back to us quickly, our transparent about what is happening, and do their best to make my job easier! Excellent in my book for machining services."

- Christina K, Tactical Buyer - Fabricated Parts

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